Our passion

The passion we have for making clothes and help our customers is what has inspired us to start Charming Little One. This passion makes us get up every morning and imaging the combinations of fabrics, stitches, embroideries, and colors to use to create the perfect combinations to join our customers in the magic moments that they share with their children and that we are proud to be part of those moments.

Mother hugging daughter in garden

This passion fuels our mission, which is to deliver garments that fulfill the trust and expectations we have received from our customers. It is that trust that we thank our retail partners that join us in the purpose of dress up beautiful children and help moms have a joyful day in their quest to love and give the best to their sons and daughters.

Lastly, the love that moms have for their children and they make us part of it, it is plenty to reach other children in need. Part of our sales support children with renal insufficiency in a little country called El Salvador, where love and resources are not abundant. However, together we help to share and do our bit to make a better place for children that need love and support.