How did we get started!

How did we get started!

We started Charming Little One as we are looking for a way to sustain our home. Being the mother of two children brings me the question: how I can ensure I have the support for my children? I chose clothing as that is one the things I like and I have passion for. I used to sew for my dolls in the past the dresses with pieces of fabrics I could get. Everything was hand sewn because I did not have a sewing machine back then. 

If you get into sewing, you will find yourself doing a bit of trial and error when doing your first clothing because it requires to make a pattern. I will explain in another post what is a pattern, to give you more insights on how a garment is made, which is very fun. 

Following my question on how I will support my children, I decided to choose clothing to answer the question. There are a million questions that go into how to get started. The first question was: How am I going to call this adventure? As I was looking for names, I thought about the word “Charming”, which means “extremely delightful and pleasing”. I thought that would be a good meaning as my purpose is to make the children wearing the garments look cute and beautiful.

Getting started with a sewing machine single needle

Children are only young one time, and I wish they stayed young forever, but we cannot avoid nature and time rules, we have to watch them grow and evolve with them as parents. Then, I chose Little One because I thought it rhyme well with the word Charming 

That was my first step into getting started with Charming Little One. I will follow up on my second step of what to follow, which I had no clue at the time. However, God was good and blessed me with ideas on what to do next.

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